Lent Day 36: 4/5/2017

Well, there it is!  Weigh-in Wednesday and now at 244.4…So down 33 pounds in 35 days.  Today is Day 36, so after today I have 10 more to go.  I will write more later, but wanted to give the weigh-in update this morning.

It was a crazy hectic day running more and more errands…but, I have news to spring on everyone…

Today is my final weigh-in before Easter Sunday, when this all ends.  Why you ask???

This Saturday, my family goes on Spring Break!  The kids are out of school and we will be away.  So, I will be on the road for 8 days, but I will maintain the diet and finish my last 8 days true to my Lenten promise to God.  I also will continue to give updates on the road.

I need to lose 7 pounds in these last 10 days to get to my final goal of 40 pounds lost.  Will I do it?  Who knows, but who really thought I would make it 36 days?  Only 10 days to go!

Until tomorrow…

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