Lent Day 15: 3/15/2017

It’s going to be a busy morning, but wanted to get this posted….Weigh-in completed and as you can see, 256.6!  So, that’s 5.6 more pounds since last week and 20.8 pounds overall in 2 weeks!  I feel so much better and my clothes fit better!

wp-1489571807163.jpgI started “The Biggest Loser Boot Camp” DVD today.  OMG…I couldn’t keep up!  Forget about modified moves or positions, I just couldn’t keep up the pace.  BUT, I did sweat my butt off doing it as best I could.  Tomorrow will be more yoga…

Cooking killed me today.  I made a home cooked dinner for the kids and my wife and the kids actually cleaned their plates and asked me to cook it again someday.  I really wish I knew how good it was since this was the first time I ever cooked it.  Not even getting to taste it just about killed me.

Time to get ready for bed!  Until tomorrow…

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