Lent Day 14: 3/14/2017

I have had a busy morning with getting the kids ready for school and then had to go participate in a market research focus group.  I know some of you would never want to do this, but it was easy, paid $100 cash and only took 90 minutes.  Now I am back home, and trying to relax a bit before the kids get home and the day kicks into full swing.  I’ll be doing yoga tonight and then the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD that just arrived will start tomorrow.  I plan to do the 2 DVDs on alternating days so I will be doing something each day.

Well, tomorrow is the 2 week point and I am excited to see what the weigh-in is.  I am also nervous because after a big week last week, I know that doesn’t continue, but I sure want it to.  Tomorrow will also begin my Boot Camp DVD workouts.  I guess the proof will be in the pictures tomorrow…

Until tomorrow…

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One comment on “Lent Day 14: 3/14/2017

  1. Tony says:

    I wish they had those focus groups where I live. That’s a lot of money for 90 minutes.


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