Lent Day 12: 3/12/2017

We drove home today after the morning snow and it was a textbook 200 mile drive.  My family got to eat pizza for dinner from the absolute BEST pizza around, Mama’s Pizza and Pasta in Stallings.  Dude can absolutely make a great pizza.  After unloading, unpacking, dinner, cleaning up, getting the kids baths and bedtime, I have still done my yoga so I am on schedule with every other day!  For me, this is all about consistency.  I am so proud that I didn’t snack this weekend and didn’t cave in to the pizza tonight.

I know I am getting better at this yoga DVD because I can get into deeper bends, hold things longer and stretch way further than I could before.  I still can’t really do the plank for any substantial length of time, but I have always had a bad back and so I figure if I am still having to do modifications on those, I am doing pretty good.  In fact, I just ordered the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD so I can do it on alternating days of the Yoga one.  I am ready to get into serious shape and my Lenten diet is the springboard that God has given me to gain back control of my health.

Finally, I did post those update pics to last night’s post as I said I would, so check out day 11 again…

Until tomorrow…

One comment on “Lent Day 12: 3/12/2017

  1. Tony says:

    Next time you visit you will have to get a to-go pizza to bring to Deep Run. You know we don’t have good pizza here.


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