Lent Day 10: 3/10/2017

Well, today started at 4:30am as I have just finished my yoga routine and will be getting ready to get on the road for our weekend vacation.  Hopefully, if the storm that just rolled in cooperates, we’ll still get out in time.  I will update more later.

A not on further updates until Sunday night…I am not taking my laptop on the trip.  It’s really old and the fact it still works in the spot it sits, makes me happy…lol  So, I will be updating the rest of the trip via just my phone.  I apologize now if the formatting is a bit off, but I will fix all of that on Sunday.

We got in just fine and made great time.  The kids are enjoying the weekend with their grandparents.   I ran and got my wife Lenten fish dinner from my cousin’s restaurant, The Filling Station in Kinston (Deep Run), NC.  

I am developing a head cold and had to go get the Family Dollar version of Alka Seltzer Plus Cold…hopefully, I will feel better soon.  Finishing my “evening snack” beer….

Until tomorrow…

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