Lent Day 8: 3/8/2017

So, it will be a busy day, but wanted to get things underway with a post of this morning’s weigh-in after 7 full days.  The numbers don’t lie…15.2 pounds in 7 days and honestly, I feel really good.  I will post more later, but right now, I wanted to get this up.

Ok…the day is almost over for me, and it has been a doosie!  Went and got a great deal at Harbor Freight with a Super Coupon so I got 24 AA Batteries for free.  Then I had to do a stop at Michael’s to get craft supplies to make the banner we need to create for my son’s 1st Communion.

I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking today too since seeing the scale this morning.  I mean, 15 POUNDS in 7 DAYS!  Obviously, I don’t know how much I will lose, but it makes me start to think how much more can come off in the next 39 days.  I also started to think about what I am gaining from this experience.  It has made me really think about how much food I normally would eat during the day, and somehow, because it is Lent, these same opportunities are there, but I just pass them up.  It’s truly amazing to me, and I know it is God working with me to complete this Lenten mission.

Another thing I realize I am gaining is $$$.  I’m not making anything on this, but passively, I am saving a decent amount.  I mean, since this started, I ate the one noted meal (my Saturday date night with my wife) and it was a $13.49 salad.  Also, I’m not drinking coffee in the morning.  Just taking into account the water, K-cup, Splenda, and creamer, I realize that over the course of Lent, I will save literally right at $50, just in morning coffee expenses.

I know it may sound silly, but this experience is really making me look at and think of things in a whole different way.  Again, I feel that is God working through me to show me a path.  I can’t wait to see what the next 39 days are like.

Until tomorrow…


One comment on “Lent Day 8: 3/8/2017

  1. Tony says:

    Fantastic, you are doing great.


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