Lent Day 7: 3/7/2017

What a day today has been!  I had to go buy 20 bags of mulch to get the yard ready for the wp-1488934879563.jpgSpring!  I normally have a bad back, but I was able to load and unload all 20 bags (7 are inside the van) with no stress , straining and not even getting tired.  It was amazing.  I also ran around and got mine and my wife’s bicycles tuned up so we can ride with the kids this Spring and I went and hunted for a suit for my son for his First Eucharist (no luck there!).

After that it was kids off the bus, homework, outside playing, cooking dinner and then baths and bed.  I just got done with my weight loss yoga DVD and in just a few I get to drink beer #5 at 8pm.  Tomorrow morning I do another weigh-in and will share the results.  I am super excited and know the results will be better than any other diet I have ever tried.  Plus, I feel stronger, have less pain and a lot more energy than I normally do.  It’s really quite amazing how good I feel.

Until tomorrow…

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