Lent Day 6: 3/6/2017

It has been a very busy day.  Had to go to Wal-Mart and do some shopping and then work around the house.  Have also been applying for jobs and all that jazz.  Got my kids to their Faith Formation at St. Matthew Catholic tonight and then wanted to get this post in tonight since I now have them in bed.

You may ask why I am telling you my day…Well, it’s to try to show you that I am living a very normal life, despite the fact I am living on beer and water alone (sans the Eucharist at Mass and my already designated light dinner with my wife on Saturday nights).  Oddly enough, I really don’t miss the food.  Would I love to grab a chip when my kids are eating them?  Sure.  Would I have loved to have grabbed a burger tonight when we ran through the drive-thru on the way to Faith Formation?  Sure, but I truly feel that God is with me on this Journey and He is helping me not give into the occasional temptations.

I am super excited about Wednesday as that will be my 1-week check-in and I am very excited to see the results.  People already tell me I look like I’ve lost weight and my shirts are fitting me looser, so I am hopeful.  Of course, when you start off at nearly 280 pounds and you do something extreme like this, I figure a 1st week weight loss is to be expected.

Until tomorrow…

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