Lent Day 1: 3/1/2017

So, after getting up at my normal 2:55am (more on that later), then attending the 7am Ash Wednesday Mass at St. Matthews with my whole family, and dropping the kids of at school by 7:55am, it is time for “breakfast”.

Also, I want to admit, I ate the Eucharist during the Mass this morning, so hopefully for some that’s not a huge deal.

I also did do a weigh-in this morning…ugh!  So, along with my horrible blood pressure, I have to make it public just how badly I allowed my weight to get out of control.  I also have done a before picture as well as one from after the Mass…I will do a more in-depth update tonight, but as of now, I have a lot of things to get done around the house.  I need to keep busy because honestly, I am hungry and as I am typing this, it isn’t yet 11:00am.  I am thinking about a set schedule for how to drink the beer though…We’ll see how it works and if it does, I will share what I am doing…

What a day!  1 down and 45 more!  Of course, as far as beers go, if all stays true to form, I have 5 down and 225 to go!  Geez….

I actually got through it pretty good…I have never loved the taste of water so much!  Also, I have NEVER gone to the bathroom so much…I swear, at one point, I just wanted to go to the store and buy some Depends so I could just sit down for a few minutes.  I really wasn’t tempted to eat anything and I stayed full.

I did exercise today by using my newly bought “Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD”.  I only did the warm-up, Level 1 (of 3) using the modified techniques, and the cool down.  I have to tell you…I got close to God today!  That Yoga is no joke!  Well, I need to get to bed as I have to wake up at 2:55am again tomorrow and do this all over again!

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