February 28, 2017: Evening Post

Well…it has been a very interesting day and I am getting ready to wind down and go to bed in a little while…I will watch the State of the Union tonight though…

As Ash Wednesday is tomorrow morning, I of course had to have my one good last big meal before the next 46 days begins…What did I eat?  Why Pancakes of course!  And sausage and eggs!  Had to load up on protein and of course it is Shrove Tuesday, so pancakes were a requirement.

I am also having my final non-Bock beer before Lent…From D9Brewing  in nearby Cornelius, NC, I have chosen their Whiskers on Kittens Blonde Sour Ale…prelent-last-beer

I have to figure out what I will drink as my Celebratory beer once this whole thing is over…I know I’d love a Westvleteren XII, so if anyone knows how to get this post to the monks at St. Sixtus maybe they’d be happy to hook me up…lol

I wish everyone a happy Lenten season and please drop me a line and let me know any questions/comments you may have.  Until tomorrow!


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