Introduction to My 2017 Lenten Fast

Lent 2017.  Millions of people will decide that for Lent they are going to give up something.  Much like the New Year’s Resolution, many will fail.  As far as New Year’s Resolutions go, I don’t even try anymore.  I know mine are going to fail as I have no willpower.  Where I have never failed is in my Lenten “promise”.  I call it a promise because for me, what I do for Lent is a promise between myself and God.  I have never broken my Lenten promise.  This year, I am continuing my beer theme that began 3 years ago, during Lent.  To fully understand, I’ll give you a brief background.

2015:  I started to to get into craft beer and the Charlotte Diocese actually ran a class through our parish’s St. Matthew YOUniversity called “Brew Like a Benedictine” that basically taught you how to homebrew beer but also the religious monastic aspect of beer.  From that point, I was hooked and my awesome wife bought me my first homebrew kit and from that point my homebrew label, 4Chambers Brewing was born.

2016:  I really took to heart the idea of giving up something that would be a test.  So, being a homebrewer, I gave up beer for Lent.  Yes, 46 days (how long Lent really is from Ash Wednesday to Easter) with no beer.  OMG was it tough and my awesome wife told me never again as I guess in hindsight I was not very nice.  Still, it was my 2nd consecutive Lent where beer became a central theme.

2017:  So, here I am wondering what I can do for Lent this year.  As a family, we are all giving up dessert and I have decided that I am going to do yoga because I have been wanting to for flexibility.  However, I wanted another challenge to add to my Lenten endeavor.  I began to think about going without beer again, but my wife immediately nixed that idea.  So, I began remembering my 2015 homebrew class and the lessons learned from that.  One such lesson was how the Benedictine monks would actually survive on nothing but beer, liquid bread, during Lent because of the fasting requirements they had during the day.  That’s when it hit me…a BEER DIET.  After researching it online, I learned I will not be the first to try this.  Just Google it…It has been done.  However, I can only find one other person who actually succeeded for all 46 days.

So, now you know how I got here.  Today is Monday, February 27, 2017.  Ash Wednesday begins in 2 days.  I hope you’ll follow me on my spiritual journey to come closer to God by adhering to the same diet monks followed hundreds of years ago.  Starting March 1st, I will be following a strict Bock Beer only diet.  No food…just water and Bock Beer.

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